NJ Casino Bonuses

Between the wildly tantalizing bonuses offered by casinos every so often and the huge list of complex terms and conditions, players are always skeptical whether casino bonuses can actually increase their bankroll.

The simple answer is yes, they can. So, here are some of the popular NJ casino bonuses New Jerseyans can take advantage of to better their online gaming experience.

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses or sign-up bonuses are a type of bonuses given to visitors or new players to encourage them to sign-up to the casino website. All the casinos listed by us offer the players with a grand welcome bonus on signing up.

NJ Casino Bonuses

Welcome bonuses come in many shapes and sizes. A percentage bonus offer adds a percentage of the bonus amount to the player’s account, while a match bonus offer simply matches the deposit. However, welcome bonuses carry a set of wagering requirements that are to be met by the players in order to withdraw their winnings. So, don’t forget to give it a read before you claim them.

Deposit bonuses

Most of the deposit bonuses are disguised to serve players but designed to serve online casinos. The huge wagering requirement and the house edge end up benefitting the casino despite giving the online bonus. But once in a while, you’ll come across some casino bonuses that will actually give you an advantage.

For example, if you add $50 to your account under a match offer of 100%, a 2% house edge, and a 40x wagering requirement, you can earn $10 per game. With a bit of time and effort, such bonuses are not hard to find.

Once you do find your ideal deposit bonus, you can simply exploit games with smaller house edges to make safer plays and cash out as soon as you meet the wagering requirements. Just make sure the game gets counted towards the said meeting requirement.

Zero deposit bonus

Zero deposit bonuses are the best casino bonuses a player can get. Under these, casinos simply top your account with some free money as soon as you sign up. However, remember that you may not be able to withdraw this amount without meeting some type of wagering requirements.

You can use zero deposit bonuses in two ways. You can either try various online low-risk slots to convert this free money into real money or you can just try your hand at some new games or strategies that you’ve been interested in trying.

Loyalty bonuses

Loyalty bonuses appear in two forms: Reward points and weekly bonuses. While other bonus types are focused on attracting new players, loyalty bonuses are created to keep the existing players engaged.

Most of the casinos have special programs to reward their loyal players for playing with real money. You will be awarded points depending on your betting amounts. You can redeem these comp points and convert them into real money that you can then use to play more or cut down your losses.

Weekly bonuses, on the other hand, just need you to show up and top up your account with a small amount. The casino will add a weekly bonus to your account which you can use to maintain your ability to play longer.

How can we help?

We, at NJ Casinos Online, are the agents of New Jerseyans. We review and rate the online casinos for you to enjoy gaming safely and securely. Finally, we keep a close eye on the online casino developments and update the players with only the latest information whether its change in laws or new bonus offers. Here’s our bonus reviewing process.

1. Bonus percentage

Online casinos offer bonuses in terms of a percentage of the deposit. But a huge bonus percentage usually means higher wagering requirements. We look past the illusion of the huge percentages and try to find ideal requirements that give you a good chance of cashing out.

2. Maximum bonus amount

Bonus percentages also come with a maximum limit. We always read (between) the lines in the Terms and Conditions section and tell our readers exactly what they’ll get.

NJ Casino Bonuses

3. Maximum bet size

As if those limitations are not enough, casinos also set barriers on how much you can bet. We explicitly state these conditions in our reviews so that you don’t accidentally make a big bet and disown your winnings.

4. Wagering requirements

Casinos set wagering requirements on deposit bonuses to engage players in some gameplay before they leave. But, as mentioned before, they also design them to end up benefitting them instead of the player. We calculate the requirements to deduce which bonuses are legitimate and which ones are basically a scam.

With such thorough yet comprehensive bonus reviews, we aim to service New Jerseyans so that they have the best online gambling experience possible.