888’s Initiatives to Overtake the NJ Online Market

888 made its New Jersey debut back in 2013 when it launched 888 Casino. But, 6 years later in 2019, it is a juggernaut that cannot be overlooked. In the Garden State’s Online Gambling scene, 888 Holdings is a triple threat with an integrated site that features 888 Casino, 888 Poker, and 888 Sportsbook.

Today, the company is using its established offerings as building blocks to make an edge for itself in the crowded NJ online market. Here are the updates on all three fronts of 888’s gambling business.

New platform for 888 Casino

Earlier this month, 888 launched its redesigned NJ online casino platform – Orbit. The faster and more efficient site is designed to make the system sleek and stylish. A company spokesperson claimed that it’s “the newest and most advanced casino platform out there”, adding that the platform is entirely web-based and “very much resembles other gaming, not gambling products.”

888’s Head of Commercial Development Yaniv Sherman commented that the platform perfectly caters to mobile thanks to its swipe-and-touch adaptivity. He also stated the developers were keen on making the selection smoother and offering more priority and navigation within the game and lobby. He claimed the app prioritized quality over quantity, hosting fewer but better games.

888 Poker to be upgraded

There is a reason why there are only seven poker sites in NJ’s sea of sportsbook apps and online casinos. While they take the lion’s share of the revenue, online poker is just a drop in the bucket. Online casino and online sportsbooks are indubitably the driving forces of the online gambling industry in NJ, but Online Poker can’t be ignored either.

888 has no intention of holding out on its poker site. The team plans to revamp it just like the online casino and launch it on a brand-new platform within the next few months. The developers will roll it out and adjust according to the player’s reactions.

888 Sports to make a comeback

Same time last year, the online sportsbook market in NJ was in its incipient stages. 888, along with six other apps was the first to go live just in time for the football season. But, since then the market has doubled in size to 15 and more competition is expected to join soon.

While its competitors reported a massive revenue of $2,735,594 from online betting, 888 Sports didn’t perform nearly as well. It’s clear that with revenues as low as $236,254 in July, other sportsbooks have overtaken 888 by a huge margin. However, the company says they’re heading into the 2019 season much more prepared, and with a sponsorship deal with the New York Jets, they’re all set to increase their brand recognition.

More cross-selling opportunities

Cross-selling happens when, for example, a customer tries Online Poker when they usually bet on sports. This is much more likely to happen if the different offerings are on the same website.

888, along with many other integrated platforms, is taking advantage of cross-selling opportunities that have come up with the recent legalization, launch, and ascent of sports betting in the state.

888 has innovative plans to customize the customer experience and avoid the one-size-fits-all mentality. It also plans to bring its AI capabilities to the US after seeing great success in Europe.