How To Play Live Casino

Live Casinos have flourished in the mainstream New Jersey entertainment venues because of their convenience. But for the uninitiated, they can be a little overwhelming. So, before you turn away from this amazing option just because it’s “too confusing”, here’s all the information you’ll need to take your gambling experience to a whole new level.

The driving technology

With the legality issues out of the way, we can clear the air about the pillar of live casinos — the technology. There are many pieces of equipment that are a crucial part of this industry like cameras, game tables, machines, and monitors. But there are three key pieces of technologies that make live casinos what they are today: the GCU, the OCR, and the internet.


The GCU is a Game Control Unit that’s used to detect and record real-world changes and integrate them into the gaming software. It’s attached to each table separately and is no bigger than a shoebox. The OCR, on the other hand, is an Optical Character Recognition technology that scans the images on the table and converts them into information displayed on the player’s screen. Finally, the Internet facilitates the transfer of information between the casino’s website and your device.

What to expect?


Live casinos are legal, and they use advanced technologies to work. But, what should you expect from the overall live casino experience? First of all, you should know that all casinos have private streaming rooms. These rooms are elegantly designed and decorated and the tables, real or virtual, are of the highest quality. The dealers running the game are highly professional and do their best in assisting the players.

Diving into the technicalities, the audio and video qualities of live casinos are impeccable. All game sounds, including background music and dealer’s announcements, are crisp and clear. You can tune the volume of each layer of audio to your preference. These games do not compromise with the video aspect either and you will have the option to choose from various streaming qualities based on your internet connection.

The user interface is designed according to the game and game provider but is always tailored for the player’s convenience. Desktops make good use of the extra real estate but you will not be disappointed with the mobile experience either. Most games are also available 24/7, so this means you can play anywhere, anytime.

Games offered

NJ live casinos offer a large variety of games. No matter which game you want to play, you can find a live casino website that offers it. We, at NJ Casinos Online, bring to you the names of all the top-class NJ live casinos that offer high-quality live casino games developed by renowned gaming providers. Here is a list of the popular games that most live casino players flock to.

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Poker

If you ever feel monotonous from these classics, you can always try fun variants like Texas Hold’em, Auto Roulette, VIP Blackjack, among many more.