Everything About New Jersy Casino Control Commission Explained

Everything About New Jersy Casino Control Commission Explained

The New Jersy Casino Control Commission an authoritative body that is responsible for regulating licenses and proper management of casino operations within the state of New Jersey. As an independent licensing authority, the Commission invokes integrity and credibility in the gaming industry and promotes public confidence. With integrity and professionalism, the Commission nurtures collaboration and partnership with every type of stakeholders while maintaining the ethical standards and objectives of the industry.

Everything About New Jersy Casino Control Commission Explained

What is the NJ Control Casino Control Commission responsible for?

The prime aim of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission is to offer licensing agreements to the NJ casinos and its employees. It is also responsible for handling the penalities and decisions enforced by the  New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement as it is also a quasi-judicial panel. The state senate and the governor appoints three members for the panel. The elected commissioners have to serve for five years and can be only removed by cause. To maintain political balance, no more than two commissioners can belong to the identical political party. By law, the Commission is required to make an annual report of all the disbursements, expenses and revenues of casino licenses and provide it to the Legislature and the Governor.

The growth from the gaming revenue is directly linked to the public’s belief that the state will take care of any discrepancies and will always make sure that the people in the industry possess integrity, honesty ad good character. This has indicted special responsibility on the chairman as well as the commissioner which is one reason why the commission has been formed. Over the years, the regulatory effects of the commission have resulted in a healthy gambling environment that allows excellent conditions for the casinos to flourish as well as benefit the local communities. The Commission has acted as a catalyst to boost the state’s economic conditions as well as bolster the casino lifestyle of Atlantic City.

Employees working in internet gaming institutions and casinos have to apply for a registration or license based on the job they perform. The only exceptions are the non-management jobs which have nothing to do with the gaming activity. They usually do not require a license to operate in the casino.

How is the Division of Gaming Enforcement involved with the Commission?

The Division of Gaming Enforcement shares the task of regulating casinos with the Commission. The Division of Gaming Enforcement is a part of New Jersey’s Attorney General’s Office while the Commission works independently. The Division is responsible for investigating the key employee licenses, investigating casino licensee applicants and recommending the Commission on licensing. Moreover, the Division also checks whether or not the casino gaming regulations are properly adhered by the casinos and is in charge of regulating the operations of all the NJ casinos.


Name: Everything About New Jersy Casino Control Commission Explained
Author: Emma Ward
Published Date: 09/09/2019